The Latest Trends 2017 – Part One

It’s fun looking through magazines, newspapers and stores for the latest and greatest in decorating and design trends and exploring for ourselves what would make us happy to live with in our personal spaces.

With that in mind, let’s peek into some of the choices being presented right now.

2017 is looking to be somewhat unpredictable and a boundary-pushing year for interiors.


Let’s start with your canvas. Walls today have color and lots of it. It could be as simple as painting all your walls to go with your color scheme or adding an accent color or two or three!

Then we have wallpaper which also adds color, texture and pattern. Wallpaper can be left by itself to make a statement or hung as a backdrop for wall art.

With its huge selection of patterns, textures and colors there is wallpaper for any décor. And it can be a strong voice in the room. So select your wall paper carefully for the message you want the room to convey. 

A newer product to add lots more interest, dimension, texture and to bring in the unexpected, is dimensional wall coverings. This fabulously interesting and dramatic look could be made of wood, metal or the most unexpected natural and man-made materials. This rage is cut into different size pieces. These materials are perfect to update stone or outdated finishes on walls, by simply covering them up.

The colors and textures will come as complete surprises and express the unique and creative style of the home owner. They require less art hung on walls or can become the perfect backdrop for a particular piece of art.


The rest of the canvas lies in the flooring. The choices are abundant. Carpet today has taken a new form of styles, textures, patterns and colors.

Hard flooring has become almost endless in materials and combinations of materials. Tile that looks exactly like wood comes in all the colors and patterns of wood but is far less sensitive to wear.

The durable porcelain tiles of today are seen in all colors, finishes and textures too. They are used on floors, walls and even furniture and detailed in kitchen cabinets. Hard flooring becomes the perfect foundation for area rugs which also have become the rage.

Don’t forget some glitz and glitter for both carpets and tiles. Many have subtle and not so subtle metal accents. Making a design statement is in! Let’s call it a splash of the unexpected… and don’t ignore some whimsy. Why not smile in your home?

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