Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting blog. How to Plan the Room Around Your Interior Lighting Interior lighting is a major consideration to take when planning your room. The lighting is affected by several factors, so how you plan your room depending on the lighting provided requires deep thought….

Dynamic Mobility

Healing requires a new mindset. You are giving your body and mind new pathways, so that your body can receive new ways to heal. Do this simple movement with Michell Brown from Dynamic Mobility and practice shifting your mood and healing your body. #barbaraspicks #movementismedicine #energywork #naturalpainrelief #shoulderpainrelief #michellbrown #dynamicmobilitytraining

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting Blog.  What Will the Right Lighting Store Have to Offer? One of the most beneficial home improvements that is easy to complete but has a high ROI is to work on improving the lighting design in your home. Good lighting can transform your…

Kiss Me Kate

Kiss Me Kate has the perfect shoe for you! These comfortable reversible shoes come in black and white, gold and silver and pink. You get two pair for the price of one! And have less luggage when you travel! #reversibleshoes #kissmekate #travelshoes #barbaraspicks

Dynamic Mobility

If you’ve been sitting a while and your low back or hips get tight, check out the movement that can help you address that tension. #lowbackpainrelief #stressrelief #movementsnacks #michellbrown #dynamicmobilitytraining #barbaraspicks


Mattress shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. Take the quiz on Bed DRS home page to help find out which style is best for you – innerspring, hybrid or memory foam and get your special offer!  

Arizona Paint Supply

Every color will change in different lighting conditions, but Aura Color Stories is designed to shift dramatically. What is your favorite green CSP color? Arizona Paint Supply can help you see how each color will look in different lighting!. #benjaminmoore #aura color stories #auracolorstories #barbaraspicks

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