Classy Closets

Classy Closets accessories add hidden storage that won’t take up valuable space. They are especially helpful for smaller closets or people looking to upgrade an existing space! Options are also available for ties or coat hooks.


Snoring keeping you awake? Bed DRS has TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base that features automatic snore response, custom sleep coaching, and smart home capability-to help you sleep smarter, night after night.

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting Blog.  How to Enhance the Ambience and Safety of Your Garden with Exterior Lighting Fixtures The Department of Energy estimates that the average home spends 5 to 10% on lighting. While we budget for interior lighting, we tend to neglect exterior fixtures. In…

Dynamic Mobility Training

When you have too many priorities come up at once and they start to feel like distractions, Michel Brown with Dynamic Mobility Training has a solution to getting back on track! This simple practice will give you a way to redirect your focus, relax and choose the next step that…

Quote from Barbara

Barbara’s plan for celebrating Earth Day as shared with Green Living Magazine – “For Earth Day, I will take a long walk. I will be mindful of nature’s beauty around me. I will take long, deep breaths, and be grateful for it all.”

Classy Closets

Originally seen here on the Classy Closets blog.  DESIGNING A CLASSY HOME OFFICE   Working from home is becoming more common, especially right now, due to current events. Creating a work space that invites motivation is not always easy at home when you can work from your bed. That’s where…

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