Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier blog.  Interior Lighting Trends To Watch In 2020 Every year, new home design and interior design trends rise to popularity, and 2020 has been no different so far. One of the most common ways people choose to change their interior design is through lighting….

Kiss Me Kate

A cute orange and pink light-weight cotton sweater. Perfect with white jeans & a pair of sandals! All from Kiss Me Kate! Put Kiss Me Kate Boutique on your “MUST SEE” list once businesses are re-opened.

Dynamic Mobility Training

Here’s a bit of Michell Brown’s daily breathing practice that she uses to build energy and clear her mind to start the day. If you want to stay healthy, it’s really important now to clear out as much constriction in your body as you can. Take a moment and try…

Classy Closets

Originally seen here on the Classy Closets blog.  DESIGNING A CLASSY HOME OFFICE   Working from home is becoming more common, especially right now, due to current events. Creating a work space that invites motivation is not always easy at home when you can work from your bed. That’s where…


Bed Drs showroom is closed in order to to do their part to protect our families and community. However, they are still operating and delivering products everyday! Click here to see some ways you can shop with them!

Arizona Paint Supply

Barbara’s Picks member Arizona Paint Supply has products that are designed to provide superior coverage to hide or touch-up. Dry time for Aura products will allow a second coat in one hour and easy touch-up with no more than a two coat application.

Wolfe Woodworking

Wolfe Woodworking is versatile in the styles of cabinetry and furniture. They built this cabinetry to match a black high gloss dinning set their client already owned. Their ultimate goal is a happy client!   The high gloss black dining set was already in the home. The cabinetry was built…

Premier Lighting

Home lighting is incredibly important. Choosing the right light fixtures helps set the mood of a room. Let Premier Lighting help you find the perfect choices for your home. Originally seen on Premier Lighting Blog.  Lighting 101: Choosing the Best Lighting Fixtures for Your Home Home lighting is incredibly important….