God’s Garden Treasures

God’s Garden Treasures has many different collections of flower arrangements to choose from. Their “On the Run” collection of flowers is always in stock and they have designs that either are made up and ready to go or can be quickly designed for you.

Spring Reflection

As Spring begins it is a time for reflection. I also find it hard to work and stay focused because I want to stop for a short time! I want to stop doing and just be. When anticipating Spring, I think about how I can make my life better. I…

Bed Drs

Bed Drs has state-of-the-art pressure mapping equipment which helps identify the mattress that is right for YOU! Relax, rest and test your selection in their comfortable Dream Room.

Arcadia Farms

Join Barbara’s Picks Member, Arcadia Farms Café, for a relaxing afternoon tea service in their Mariposa Tea Room. Enjoy handcrafted pastries, petite sandwiches, English teas and other fare. Tea is served at 2PM, every Friday. Click here for more information. 

Dynamic Mobility

Want to boost your Energy, Creativity & Feeling Alive in your body? Join Michell Brown with Dynamic Mobility for Movement Night, Wednesday, March 6th 6:00-8:00 p.m. Here’s a sample of moving through your whole body to bring your energy through you & truly feel ALIVE!

Jerry’s Audio/Video

Jerry’s Audio/Video has always been the luxury specialty audio/video home theater retailer in the valley. Always at the forefront of cutting edge technology, once again, Jerry’s is creating the new standard within the consumer electronics industry. Their focus is to take their outstanding service philosophy to the next level with…