Bed DRS has the new TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Bases which offer next-level sleep with automatic snore detection, automatic snore response, expert analytics, personalized coaching, and smart home compatibility with voice control.  

Arizona Paint Supply

Welcome guests with a splash of Caliente AF-290 for your front door against Nimbus Gray 2131-50 siding and Pure White OC-64 trim. Reach out to Arizona Paint Supply for your next paint project. #benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorecolors

Wellness Event

As much as it is difficult for me to stop working and take a day off, it is all the more reason why I must do it. I have said this to myself for a long time and haven’t done it, yet! Well, opportunity came knocking on my door then…

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting Blog. Choosing Light Fixtures That Save Energy When most people are choosing light fixtures, whether it is exterior lighting or interior home lighting, they focus on a style. Of course, style is important to any lighting decision, but you should also be considering operational…

Classy Closets

Classy Closets accessories add hidden storage that won’t take up valuable space. They are especially helpful for smaller closets or people looking to upgrade an existing space! Options are also available for ties or coat hooks.


Snoring keeping you awake? Bed DRS has TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base that features automatic snore response, custom sleep coaching, and smart home capability-to help you sleep smarter, night after night.

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