Arizona Paint Supply

A cheery Marblehead Gold HC-11 door and orange-pink Raspberry Blush 2008-30 bench work beautifully against the cool gray of Metropolitan AF-690 painted walls. Let Arizona Paint Supply help you get started on your next project. #benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorecolors


This Holiday season give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep! Let Bed DRS help you find the perfect mattress at the best price! 

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting blog. Tips for Choosing Coordinating Light Fixtures for Your Home Light fixtures are a crucial part of the interior designing process. The great thing about light fixtures is they can be very versatile. For instance, you can create statement lighting with the right fixtures…

Health and the Holidays

Especially during the holidays, we need to digest our food, but we also need to digest experiences. Putting too much emphasis on being upset with yourself for not sticking to your eating protocol afterwards and mentally holding on to the experience of the splurge,  prevents your body the ability to…

Dynamic Mobility

Do this practice to avoid over thinking and over stressing when you are under pressure. Click to increase productivity #productivity #decreasestress #michellbrown #dynamicmobilitytraining In this video, you will experience a movement & breath practice to reset yourself from over thinking and putting too much pressure on yourself. Your focused…

Arizona Paint Supply

Dine in style with painted accent chairs. Springy Cedar Green 2034-40 on these spindle chairs strike a nice contrast against Gray Owl OC-52 walls. We love the transom arch, accented in Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30. Let Arizona Paint Supply help you with your next project! #benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorecolors

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting blog.  How Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Your Property Getting quality outdoor lighting installed in various areas of your home can be a real game-changer. Not only can it help highlight commonly used parts of your home, such as a front walkway, but it can enhance…