A gift from Barbara’s Picks!

In appreciation for visiting my website and my vendors, you are being given access at no charge to the interior design and decoration tools I developed working with my clients at my interior design firm Design Dimensions. My book The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, YOU Do! talks about some of these techniques.  This is a priceless value for you to use!

Easily, you will gain confidence making decisions with your own decorating and design projects, whether you are working with a professional interior designer or doing the project on your own.

Interior design is no longer a secret when you understand which colors, materials and furniture styles you really like and want to live with. The secret is out! Join the thousands who are using my fail proof method. Now through Barbara’s Picks, it is FREE to you!

Click here to visit the Tools Page of my Bajaro Method site.

The free design tools include:

  • Perfect Color Palette Guides
  • The Bajaro Method eBook
  • Decorating Self-Discoveries
  • Design Visualization
  • The Color & Design Preference Profile – Your Design IQ

To complete the Design IQ questionnaire, you are asked to register but there is no charge!

The Color and Design Preference Profile / Design IQ provides you information that will help you when decorating your personal spaces. The results unlock the mystery when selecting and combining which colors, fabrics, metals, woods, textures, and finishes are best for you.

My book The Bajaro Method: Rooms Have No Feelings, YOU Do! is available for purchase at Amazon. Click here to order your own copy or one for a friend!