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We recommend only the “best of the best” companies & craftspeople in design & lifestyle.

  • Professional designers also work with these experienced companies.
  • They are reliable, quality companies recommended to you with confidence.
  • They are vetted and PICKED because they are the finest at what they do! 

“As an interior design specialist, I know the crucial value of working with professionals to support and help you create your own unique style.”

Knowing that the largest percentage of the population does not work with a professional interior designer, and that most individuals have apprehensions making interior design and decorating decisions alone, is mainly why I created Barbara’s Picks. I want to empower you on your “interior” design journey to become your own interior designer!

  • If you are designing and decorating for yourself, I want to give you tools.
  • If you are considering working with a professional interior designer, I have referrals for you.
  • If you are already working with a designer, this is a great opportunity to explore your taste and style to better understand your design needs and be able to communicate to your designer how you want to express yourself holistically in your most personal space…your home.

And as I love to say, “Always remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!”

Take the Fear Out of Interior Designing! 


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