Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on on the Premier Lighting blog.  Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting A bathroom is a place where people spend a lot of their time. And yet, so many bathrooms are poorly lit. This can be problematic for various reasons. For example, it’s difficult to see your appearance…

Kiss Me Kate

Barbara’s Picks member Kiss Me Kate Boutique specializes in many one-of-a-kind items making it a shopping mecca for unique gifts in jewelry, handbags, belts and scarves. Put Kiss Me Kate Boutique on your “MUST SEE” list.

Dynamic Mobility

Your body and your belly can hold on to tension caused by too much sitting, not getting up or moving frequently throughout the day. Watch this video from Michell Brown with Dynamic Mobility Training for tips on releasing tension in your belly and increasing your intuition.

Arizona Paint Supply

Ready for a kitchen refresh? Brighten things up with contrasting colors. Vibrant Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30 on the kitchen island and walls of Paper White OC-55 combine to create a bold look. Need help finding the right product for your project? Arizona Paint Supply would love to help!#benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorecolors


In a perfectly designed bedroom, it’s the little details that matter. So, the Lux Estate Collection includes all the extra touches you deserve. Visit Bed DRS where they would be happy to help you find the perfect mattress! 

Premier Lighting

Originally seen here on the Premier Lighting Blog.  The Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lighting Fixtures to Your Home Outdoor lighting fixtures are an excellent way to add some style and personality to your home. In addition, they can make it easier for you and your family members to come and…

Arizona Paint Supply

A cheery Marblehead Gold HC-11 door and orange-pink Raspberry Blush 2008-30 bench work beautifully against the cool gray of Metropolitan AF-690 painted walls. Let Arizona Paint Supply help you get started on your next project. #benjaminmoore #benjaminmoorecolors