The Latest Trends 2017 – Part Two

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Speaking of metal, of course, leads us to the metal finishes on our plumbing fixtures as well as hardware such as pulls and knobs for our cabinets and fabulous lighting fixtures.

Very popular are the matte black and brushed gold fixtures right now. The matt finish can be a sharp contrast to shiny finishes in the room or a beautiful complement to other softer touches.

They can add the perfect finishing touch to a space and can even be the focus.

When setting your canvas for your home, it is not necessary to carry the same exact theme throughout. By adding other accents, you are creating interest and an individual personality to each room of your home. It is also far less boring and lets you entertain other styles and expand your taste and preferences.

When it comes to selecting furniture, the fashion has truly become an eclectic world. We select individual pieces rather than one style or period of furniture. Then combine them in a casual and interesting way expressing your personality.

We must create from our hearts and souls and surround ourselves with what we love, find beautiful and comfortable. Should’s and have to’s are being ignored.  You the person are the focal point, not the room.

This is how you personalize your home. And be sure of the most important thing –  do not bring anything into your home just because it is a trend. One of the reasons we have new things coming out every year is to select what speaks to you and to have fun creating change.

That is what I call the true “interior” design. Live with what you love and makes you happy. And remember, “rooms have no feelings, YOU do!