Design Your Sexy Sanctuary

Comfortable modern designer bedroom.The expression “I’m sexy when I’m me” sums up every beautiful room I have ever designed. A beautiful room speaks. It says, “Welcome, come in and enjoy the space. Be comfortable, be happy, have fun and feel good while you are here.”

The key is confidence. When a person walks into a room looking sexy, they also have a confident attitude and they catch your eye. They may have a smile or in some way seem approachable. You want to get to know them, hear what they have to say and learn more about them.

This is what I strive for in every room I design. A sexy room articulates the voice of its confident owner. This personalizing can be done in many ways, including carefully chosen textures, unique combinations of colors, unusual shapes, interesting materials and specific furniture styles. However before beginning to create your “look,” you must look inside yourself and identify your authentic taste and style. This is your design DNA which reflects your perception of the “exterior” design. Most importantly, YOU must be comfortable with your choices. Nothing is more debilitating than feeling like you don’t belong in your own home.

Unlike decorating our bodies, we don’t decorate our homes every day. Therefore, decorating and design are often perceived as mysterious and scary. We lack the confidence because we may not have done this before. The truth, and good news, is that we know the answers inside us… we must look inside ourselves for the answers of our personal taste and style, our design preferences. Exploring our feelings about colors, patterns, textures, woods, metals, and more is the way to discover these sometimes illusive preferences. And know when you choose from within you will always love the outer results. This is how you gain design confidence… just like sexy confidence.

If you think about it… it’s the same as getting dressed in the morning. You selected the clothes in your closet. You select which top to put with which bottom. Which shoes would look best. Then, of course, it’s decorating yourself with accessories. For women…short earrings or long earrings. How many bracelets and which ring. For men…which belt or tie. Even your underwear has to be appropriate for your overwear! Your most creative time each day could be when you get dressed. You are creating a picture of you! The same concept as when you create the design of a room.

Our fashion statement or image is the result of the choices we have made. But how do we know what choices to make? I believe everyone has their own built in “interior” designer. So making choices for our rooms, our most personal spaces, has to come from deep inside, then we will feel comfortable, happy and proud of our choices. This will affirm confidence and attitude which will give us that sexy look and feel in all our interiors and exteriors.

Always remember, Rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

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