Clarisse Color Creations

Clarissefrugshu clarisse2Imagine if you knew

  • who you were
  • what clothes to shop for
  • where & why to buy them
  • when & how to wear them

Imagine how knowing this would change your look and your life!

In a Fashion Feng Shui Consultation, we determine your Primary and Influencing Essence and set an Intention for a wardrobe that is authentic, enlightening and provides personal empowerment.  Essential body colors (hair, skin and eyes), visual energy (your body shape) and an Elemental Design Fusion (your style strategy) w ill be determined.  The consultation also includes an evaluation of four garments, a wardrobe planner, how to dress for your audience and how to balance your personal energies with your clothing.  Your take away:   Fashion Feng Shui Elemental Design Portfolio and a Styling Portfolio summarizing your Fashion
Feng Shui experience.  Time:  2-3 hours.  MORE!


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