Tile, tile on the wall, who’s the most unique of all?  Distinctive circles, ovals and patterns inspired by nature to promote a feeling of tranquility.  You’ve got to visit UnderFoot’s expanded showroom! MORE!


What’s hot right now at Th!ngz?  Motion sectionals that incorporate reclining components into their design. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.  All of the sectionals have that clean contemporary look and also incorporate recliner-type functionality.  Now you can have it all: style and comfort!  Comfortable and stylish with…

29 Ways to Love Your Home- #26

KNOW YOUR STYLE Decide if you want glamour, serenity, comfort, etc. and make sure you eliminate pieces that don’t reflect your taste. Every room doesn’t have to be the same. Especially if different people live in the rooms giving a different purpose and energy.  Each room in your home can…

Think Art

Thank you, Think Art, for this great explanation of how to create a gallery wall.     “Play with your artwork and move it around until you find a pleasing arrangement that is well balanced. Start with the largest pieces and fill in with the smaller ones.” MORE!

Black, Starr & Frost

You are invited to visit  Black Starr & Frost Jeweler to see the spectacular 4.62ct Esperanza Diamond that was uncovered in the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park. The Esperanza is now on tour across the country to specially selected stores so anyone who would like to view its true…