How to Work With a Designer

In our lives, many conditions are beyond our control. The ones that most affect and influence us in shaping the quality of our lives are our personal and professional living spaces. Yet we often willingly relinquish our power and decision-making privilege to interior designers in the hopes of creating surroundings that ultimately make a statement of who we are. Self-expression is the most powerful resource within our direct control, and understanding how to use it can lead to creating exactly what we need.

Happy Design ClientHere is a way to work with a professional interior designer and still maintain your identity and self-expression.

First, determine if your project requires someone with a specialty in a certain area and seek out the best person… anywhere from a complete remodel to window treatments.

It’s also important to know how much hand-holding you require. Are you a quick decision maker or do you need time to make up your mind? Know this about yourself first and then find a designer with the same temperament. Continue by asking people you know for referrals — preferably after you have seen what the designer has done for them.

Next interview the designer. Are you comfortable talking with him or her? Be sure you have a good line of communication and that you feel at ease expressing your needs and wants. Be sure you are being heard and understood. Good designers do a great deal of listening before giving you any ideas or suggestions. You and your designer are a team. Ultimately, you make the final decisions.

When beginning a design project, know what your objectives are. The world of interior design is huge and can be overwhelming. Evaluate your goals, needs and wants. Then prioritize and establish a realistic price to see if you can accomplish your goals. A large part of the job of an interior designer is to educate the client. Make sure the designer you choose is knowledgeable, experienced and patient.

While making interior design decisions don’t be swayed from your goals by doubting yourself. Be sure that you are involved in all decisions. Since this is the time of making choices, you have the opportunity to decide how you want to live and what design choices suit you.

You need not be frightened of interior designers. We are actually guardian angels who help you achieve you dreams.

Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!