You Must Be Your Own “Interior” Designer First!

I would like to share a bit about my personal journey in interior design. As I began my career as a traditional interior designer, I became aware that I had no right to design for clients without their participation and understanding of what they require from their most personal environment.

This led me to an innovative way that helps people be their own interior designer. Thus, The Bajaro Method was born – a process that uses self-discovery to create environments that have HEART. In the Bajaro world, the most important consideration when designing a room for yourself…is YOU.

Always put yourself first in every decision you make for your home. Your heart will guide you. There is unending information on how to decorate your home, but only you can put your heart in your home. There are three elements that will never let you make a mistake, which is what people fear most when decorating for themselves.

The first step is understanding yourself and the project. Take time to look within yourself and at the parts of the project that require you to express your taste.

Once you have an understanding of what you need and want the next element is accepting, which is when you get comfortable with the knowledge you have gained about yourself and your home.

Now, you are ready for the last step, allowing. Take all you have learned and become aware of about yourself and the project, and bring it to action. Bring in people, materials and ideas that you have chosen and decided on to make you happy and now the project begins to come to life.

Using understanding, accepting and allowing as the system by which you can be your own “interior” decorator, ask yourself these questions – because only you know the answers:

  • How you want to live
  • What you like, need and can afford
  • The colors that make you feel good
  • The furniture that is both comfortable and pleasing to your eye
  • How much lighting you need
  • The type of art you would like to surround yourself with

For those of you who doubt that you can do this, it’s only because you haven’t been asked the right questions. That’s why I created the Interior Design Preference Profile. It asks the right questions. The results gives you the design confidence necessary to express your decorating choices and create rooms that you love. You will learn about your personal preferences for colors, fabrics, metals, woods, textures and finishes. You will have the confidence to always know – without doubt or fear of making a mistake – which design choices you prefer.

Always remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

To learn how you can be your own “interior” designer/decorator, I am offering the Interior Design Preference Profile free of charge on my website  Just go to Design Tools and click “Take the Profile Now.” Then, answer the questions in the profile and print your personal results. Have fun!

If you have additional questions, you can always ask on my Facebook Page. I’d love to answer and help.