Trends For 2019

Interior design trends for 2019 are all over the map. It’s no surprise when you look around the world, at what is going on politically, economically and socially. The design is always a reflection of people’s attitudes. It has become a global experience.

After 2008 when our economy was suffering, colors were muted, dull and somber. Many manufacturers went out of business and new designs were not created. The DIY craze grew and people started decorating for themselves. Due to the internet and the abundance of information and resources available, people are able to make purchases with confidence.

Today we have done a 180. Colors are alive and vibrant. Several colors and patterns are combined for interest and dramatic effects. Pantone just named the color of the year as ultraviolet – which is a bright purple. People have become less fearful to add color to express their personal taste and style both at home and in their lives.            

Here are a few of the trends I see reflecting for the new year:

Because of the expanded opportunities for design, the interior designer’s role has expanded. The designer often becomes a consultant to guide and empower people through their projects, giving the consumer creative ideas that they can complete themselves.

 Because the internet has endless amounts of DIY opportunities for consumers, it can be overwhelming. It is important to remember that less is more. You can always add later.

 The trend is to express your personal taste. The days of keeping up with the Joneses is over. Now individuality shines. Surround yourself with what you love!

 The “undesigned and undecorated” look is in. A casual and comfortable lifestyle appearance says somehow the décor just came together organically and effortlessly. Living is easy and just happened.

 Accessories complete a room. Accessories tell the story of the people who live there. They fill a room with life and personality. They add color, texture shape and interest.

Pillows are the rage too. The power of a pillow can change an entire room. Mixing and matching colors, patterns and sizes create fun, interest, and individuality.

Cabinetry throughout the house does not have to be the same. Each area has its own function, style, color, and personality. This includes changing the countertops too.

 Hardware for cabinetry is the same as jewelry for a person. Your choices of styles and finishes give you the opportunity to change and coordinate metals and style in each room.

 Carpet comes in many styles, heights, and yarns. Patterns are often raised in same or contrasting colors.  Shag is back and carpet squares are used for residential applications.  The variety is endless. 

 Metal fibers are threaded into carpet fibers to give a glow of glitter and glitz. They could be gold or silver, subtle or pronounced giving carpet elegance and drama.

 Wood is still a rich, elegant and beautiful choice and now ceramic tile that looks like wood is the rage. This low maintenance twin comes in endless choices of color and types of wood.

 Area rugs are being used on hard flooring surfaces as well as on carpeted areas. They can define a grouping of furniture and define any space with color and interest.   

 Furniture is less heavy and lighter in color. The look is more sleek and contemporary. Woods are stained or painted in lighter colors. The finishes are more organic and rustic.

 Fabrics are blended with mixed fibers. They have lots more texture and come in matt and shiny finishes. Faux leather and suede are extremely popular and available in endless colors.

 Most importantly, be true to yourself and have fun, when decorating your personal environments, because, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

Originally published in Arizona Jewish News.