My skill set doesn’t include any of those required to envision a beautiful and gracious home.  I want to open the door, walk in and have it be me and done.  How to get there, well, there was the rub!  I didn’t even know my colors, never even thought about them.   This is not to say that I was lazy and disinterested in everything.  I have my reason to be and I feel very comfortable in my role on the planet.  I just didn’t know at that time that I had any crossover skills.  Barbara was able to get me to focus, gently and lovingly, and to become interested in selecting fabrics and tasks of that sort.  Ultimately, all of the choices were mine and my husband’s.  I understand why I made each and everyone and I love it all.  Barbara’s gentle guidance opened me up to this new world that I tip toed in until I became comfortable.  Barbara was the “wind beneath my wings.”

Susan Y., Phoenix, AZ