Mirrors, Mirrors On The Wall – Reflect It All

Passion Mirror
Passion Mirror- Courtesy of Thingz

Mirrors create a wonderful design effect. They can make a significant difference in a room. When selecting the use and placement of a mirror, consider two things: function and aesthetic.

The most important consideration in deciding where a mirror should be placed is “what is being reflected in the mirror?” Whatever it is, you will be seeing it twice in the room.  This is the functional part. Do you want to reflect something in the room or make it possible for people to see themselves?

Boomerang Mirror- Courtesy of Thingz

When placing a mirror, also remember the three S’s —size, shape and style. Additionally, if there is a frame, you need to select the material, color, and texture of the frame. It also has to fit the space and the décor of the room. You have the choice of whether you want a beveled edge or matting touching the frame—so many things to think about for one mirror.

Mirror as a material comes in many colors — clear, black, bronze, grey, rose, and green. I love using colored mirrors. They add wonderful surprise and interest. Mirrors are thought to make rooms look larger and often lighter because they reflect light.  And we’ve all heard about mirrored ceilings for the dramatic effect.

Mirrored pieces in all sizes, shapes and color can be inserted on walls and furniture or mixed with other types of glass to create design accents/details. Mirror mixed with metal is particularly stunning because both materials are reflective.

Dali Scrib
Dali Scrib Mirror – Courtesy of Thingz

There are many fun things to do with mirrors that are unexpected. Have you ever seen a mirrored floor? I once had a client with a piano that was smaller than standard that needed refinishing. We decided to mirror the entire piano making refinishing unnecessary while creating something unique. Recently I used black mirror for a banister on a staircase. First we built the posts in smooth wood and then we mirrored them. We built black-mirrored étagères on either side of the fireplace in the adjoining room and also mirrored the fireplace.

In my home office I mirrored the space between the work counter and upper cabinets. I sit opposite the mirror, and it reflects the garden window behind me. This way, I have the benefit of the window light behind me and the window’s reflection in front of me.

When you love your room and want to have double the pleasure, mirrors may be your answer. Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU DO!