Health and the Holidays

Especially during the holidays, we need to digest our food, but we also need to digest experiences.

Putting too much emphasis on being upset with yourself for not sticking to your eating protocol afterwards and mentally holding on to the experience of the splurge,  prevents your body the ability to digest.

To avoid regret and judging yourself, remember:

  • ️You’re not perfect
  • ️You don’t live in a perfect world
  • ️Your body is strong and capable
  • ️You can get through a holiday or food “hiccup” and move on
  • ️You don’t have to feel guilty when weight loss influencers, show others managing the experience well!

Truth is your body knows how to digest food, thoughts & feelings.

Holding onto an experience in our head and thinking about it over and over again, interferes with digestion. You get stuck in your head, rolling those thoughts around.

Say to yourself: “I can let go and move on”.

3 tips to help you let go of regret and move forward!

️Tip #1: Movement

Play your favorite song and dance or move easily to it! A client feeling terrible and unhappy after eating something full of sugar, carried this upset about her “food-oops” all day. I had her focus on her body and move to music she loved.  By doing this, she was able to let go of her spinning thoughts. She then was able to digest her food and calm her mind.  The free movement was key to help digest her thoughts, feelings, and food.

Tip #2:️ Breathing

Set a timer and breathe easily, for 1-2 minutes, focusing on your exhale.

My client tuned in to her breath, started breathing more fully and relaxing as she exhaled. Breath initiates a “letting go” response, through your body and mind.

Tip #3:️ Focus

Close your eyes and feel your belly, as you breathe for at least a minute or two. My client breathed and moved in her belly, to let go of her distress. When your focus is on the upset, you just keep producing more chemicals in your brain to be more upset.   By changing your focus, you can make new neural pathways for greater ease! 

Our minds are very powerful.  You can re-wire your brain, to release upset and digest your experience, whether it is food or feelings. “ Letting go”, is a learnable skill and you can learn it! I will help you learn breathing skills, to let go of past experiences and move forward.

Try these tips.  If you want more help, you can reach me at