Dynamic Mobility

Do this practice to avoid over thinking and over stressing when you are under pressure. Click to increase productivity https://michellbrown.com/ #productivity #decreasestress #michellbrown #dynamicmobilitytraining In this video, you will experience a movement & breath practice to reset yourself from over thinking and putting too much pressure on yourself. Your focused movement & breath helps you to center yourself. In the stressful world that we live in, you can use focused movement & breath to avoid burning yourself out. Movement & breath are tools to help you stay balanced and bring yourself back from getting overwhelmed in your head. When you have a lot of built up tension in your body, your mind tends to get stuck in your rolling thoughts, instead of observing the problem from a observational point of view. This practice helps to regulate your mind so you can clearly focus your attention. Focused movement can boost your energy and can lower your stress levels. It is such a versatile practice to have in your back pocket. With significantly stressful times in our culture, having a practice that helps you to focus your attention, can help you reset yourself into a greater balance and harmony. It takes training to stay focused and balanced in your body and mind. You can train your system to be more calm and handle stress better. This video gives you a movement practice to do, to train your mind to stay steady, focused & have less stress. This is one practice that you can easily implement to bring your attention to be present in your body. Doing small practices throughout the day, helps you steadily build your focus and avoid overwhelm. We make shifts in our focus and awareness, one increment at a time. Doing increments of movement and breath work throughout the day, helps you to re-center yourself when you get overloaded. The more you teach your mind to reset, the more it can! Adding a few movement work breaks, during your day, helps to retrain your mind to pay attention to your body. As you build your attention, you build your focus and you improve your creative problem solving skills. We need to keep our energy circulating, all day. By doing conscious movement, you circulate more energy through your body. It is natural grounding process that you can do anytime. Want to become more youthful, vital & balanced in your body and mind? This video gives you a practice to get started. Do not do any breath or movement practice while driving, operating machinery or while in the bath or swimming pool. As with any exercise or movement, please consult your doctor if there is any doubt, whether you can proceed with the practice This breath work is not a substitute for seeing a doctor about pain, stiffness or injury. It is not an intent to replace medical treatment. If you need immediate help for a severe problem, call your doctor. Check out my website, for tips or to schedule a complimentary consultation www.MichellBrown.com