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Dynamic Mobility Training

» Dynamic Mobility Training
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250
Phone: 602-617-3141

Retail Michell is a Body Whisperer.  She can sense and zero in on how your body is working, including where it is aligned and functioning well and where it needs assistance.  Michell specializes in helping you retrain your body and mind to have increased function.  She can help you release pain, ease stiffness, move freely, increase mental focus & clarity and become connected instead of scattered.  Working with her increases your capacity to be in charge of your body and to trust yourself.


Movement training Freedom of Movement Release Pain Body Awareness Exercise Without Injury Build Confidence Release Tension Release Stiffness Increase Flexibility Breath Empowerment Work

Listen to Michell talk with Johnell McCauley on the eWN radio network about how each of us can  make a quantum leap in our health, relationships and work. Listen now!

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