Clare Frame & Art

Michael Clare, owner of Clare Frame & Art, is often called “the framer’s framer.”  Projects that make other framers shake in their boots are Michael’s delight. He loves the challenge.

This job provided plenty of challenge with very satisfying results.

Susan Norman, Susan Norman Interiors, brought the idea to Michael of creating cabinets to store and display her Paradise Valley client’s collection of sports jerseys.

Michael created the frames:

  • 31″ width x 34″ height x 2-3/8″ depth.
  • There are 4 rare earth magnets set into the front portion of each frame which allow for this front part to be removed to insert a jersey into a frame. 
  • Each jersey is draped on an acrylic hanger which slides in and out of its frame.

He then worked with Asher Cole to build the cabinets to hold the frames.

  • There are two cabinets with each containing 30 frames.
  • Each cabinet measures 80-1/2″ in width, 41-1/2″ in height, and 35″ in depth.

Approximate Time it took to:

   design:   3 weeks

   test:   2 weeks  (working with Asher Cole)

   build:   4 weeks

   install:  6 hours

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