29 Ways to Love Your Home- #11

CLUTTER, AGAIN It’s time to de-clutter. Take a walk through your house and take away anything that is broken, that you don’t like, too dirty to get really clean, or has a bad memory. This will give you the chance to appreciate more what you have or replace it with something better. Remember,…

29 Ways to Love Your Home- #10

LOVE YOUR HALLWAYS    That could mean different things. Either take down the hodge-podge collection of family photos and frame them all the same for a unified look or create a gallery for art with proper lighting or thirdly make your hallways a calm space with nothing on the walls…

29 Ways to Love Your Home- #9

HAVE A PRETTY PANTRY Imagine a pretty pantry. Build custom height shelves for your food. Customize for your smaller and larger size items. You’ll have more space, visibility and organization. Paint the walls and shelves complementary colors you enjoy. Give the pantry door and handle its own style. Store your food items in visually pleasing containers….

29 Ways to Love Your Home- #8

YOUR GARAGE CAN FEEL LIKE AN EXTENSION OF YOUR HOME Paint/de-clutter/clean up/ and even hang pictures in your garage. Definitely keep it clean. After all, it may be the last thing you see when you leave and the first thing that greets you when you arrive home. Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

29 Ways to Love Your Home-#5

THE PILLOW TRICK You’ve probably heard about the pillow trick. But sometimes it only takes one fabulous pillow to make the difference. Especially if you can match it to a piece of furniture in the room that you paint the same color. Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do! Watch Barbara’s video!  

29 Ways to Love Your Home-#4

WHAT KIND OF LIGHTING Is the lighting in your work areas sufficient? Task lighting can be installed under cabinetry in kitchens or offices. Always light the areas where you need to see…otherwise ambient lighting creates “shadows” for mood and interest and highlights accessories. Lighting can also spotlight focal points of a room. Remember, rooms…