Color Is Everywhere

Everywhere we go there is some shade of color. From the moment we were born, we were surrounded by it and the effects of those colors need to be considered.

We are greeted by color when we open our eyes in the morning and affected by the last colors we see before we close our eyes at night. Many of us even dream in color.

As we go about our day, we are influenced by the color of the clothes we wear. We also react when we see how others use color. Too often we have unconscious judgments when we see people wearing a particular color, and advertisers count on our subliminal reactions to color as well. The marketing world assigns specific colors to their brands which they use in promoting their products in print and on TV.

It’s important to be aware how much color decisions affect our moods, attitudes and behaviors. It begins in the morning when we get dressed. We look in our closet at our wardrobe and decide, based on our mood and what we are doing that day, what we want to wear. We decide how we want to be perceived based on the colors we have chosen. It is our opportunity to present our definition of who we are in terms of color.

Sometimes, when people express insecurity about color, I wonder, if it is the color people are afraid of or the statement they are making by wearing or living in certain colors. I encourage you to pick the colors you are most comfortable in and the ones that make you feel like you.

A study done at the University of Florida revealed what your preference of color says about your personality characteristics. Have some fun with it and see if you agree for yourself or anyone you know.

Blue/green: You are solid, permanent, and reliable. You also strive for security and resist change.
Dark blue: You crave accomplishment, steadiness, order and peace. You are comfortable being a leader and in control.
Bright yellow: You are intelligent, innovative, creative, positive, energetic and love new ideas.

You are forceful and action oriented. You are also a leader and are comfortable taking control of a situation.
Violet: You are a dreamer, creative, happy and outgoing. If you love purple, you like to be around people and enjoy coming up with new ideas and trying new things.

Getting to know yourself and being open to the endless number of color choices is an exciting adventure and a journey you can take on your own. Just make sure you are not influenced by what others say. Don’t live or dress in someone else’s opinions or choices.

My most important message is to not be afraid of color. If you are comfortable wearing or living in a color, use it, because it belongs to you. When you take ownership of a particular color, you’ll be identified with it. It is a great deal of fun to play with color. Should you tire of a color, change it. Experiment, experiment and experiment some more.

Colors have no feelings, YOU do!