I appreciate so much how you helped us “take the fear out of interior decorating.”  When Jeff and I bought this house we wanted to add some color and thought of painting an accent wall.  As you know, I am not timid about self-expression in areas that I am familiar with, but decorating isn’t my area of expertise, so I didn’t trust my instincts.   You listened, applied your knowledge of us and our lives, and your advisement was right on.  You were able to zero in on what I desired to do, instead of what I voiced. Because of your encouragement, we found our edge and have been so happy with our decorating decisions. Our home makes me smile every time I enter it and isn’t that what it is all about? Later, when it came time to do some updates how fortunate for me that you wrote “The Bajaro Method” for me to turn to. It was just like you being there to listen and encourage. I turn to it every time I need “permission.” Thanks again, and I wish everyone their own healing environment.

Pat L., Phoenix, AZ