$75 per month + Set Up Fee of $50

Additional Benefit, if desired.
Seminars and special events at member’s location. Led by Barbara and guest speakers.
Promoted through social media and email marketing.

Online Resource Directory

  • Company Logo
  • Up to 100 word description
  • Link to your website
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • Up to 5 photos
  • Database is fully searchable by keyword, category or name

Social Media &
Email Marketing

  • Share your Facebook posts on Barbara’s Picks Facebook pages
  • Monthly email to our database of consumers and designers
  • Highlight of company name in monthly email
  • Announcement in the “New Members” section of the Barbara’s Picks email
  • Additional posts when you provide new information regarding your business (events, products, etc.)
  • Member videos on Barbara’s Picks YouTube Channel

High Touch

  • Ongoing referrals of qualified consumers by Barbara
  • Connections and collaborations among members
  • Bringing awareness to consumers of member products and services

Business Growth

  • Barbara’s Picks logo graphic to add to your website, emails and materials
  • Barbara’s Picks signature decal to display on store front
  • Continuously expanding database of consumers, colleagues and other businesses
  • Referrals to Media, PR and Marketing opportunities to gain greater visibility